Gone are the days where product specifications stay rigid. In the late 80's, the power generation market showed a surge in demand for different application with different project budget. In order to tackle this problem, SCANPaC was conceived.

Established in 1992, SCANPaC's mission is to deliver engineering solutions that satisfy project requirements and at the same time, stay within budget. To achieve this, we allowed for detailed customization, such as brand of engine or alternator to use, or type of controller to provide and so on, all while following project requirements, with no sacrifice to quality.

Today, SCANPaC generators are comprised of the following:

DW Series

This series is powered by the renowned Daewoo industrial engines. Not to be confused with Doosan Infracore who bought over Daewoo's V series, Daewoo is the pioneer in industrial engines. Proven design and technology coupled with low cost of ownership makes the South Korean brand an attractive option.

SC Series

The SC Series is powered by Scania engines. Our very first partnership with an engine manufacturer started with Scania AB. Scania produces robust engines for trucks and buses. The same quality can be expected for Scania industrial engines, which are known for its low fuel consumption and easy to maintain, and that ultimately translates to lower cost of ownership.

VE Series

Volvo is a European engine manufacturer renowned for its sturdiness for trucks, buses and commecial verhicles. After having acquired Penta, Volvo Penta was created, a sub-brand for power solutions on land and at sea. Its line of industrial diesel engines are proven to be reliable and environmentally friendly.

CU Series

The tried and true Cummins powered generator sets, the CU series offers a versatile range of Cummins engines with different country of origins, aimed at different market segments. On the reasonably priced side, you have China Cummins, offering from as small as 20 kVA all the way up to 1,500 kVA. On the technology advanced side, you have US or UK Cummins, all the way up to 3,000 kVA.

PE Series

Powered by Perkins engines, the PE series is widely accepted by consultants and users across the globe. Perkins offers a wide range industrial engines, from as small as 9 kVA up 2,250 kVA. Perkins range of industrial engines has always been regarded as reliable. Due to its wide range of offerings, the PE series is the choice of many for standby use at high capacity (800 kVA and above).

Puma Series

Powered by Scania engines, the Puma series is designed for mobility. It comes with single lifting hook and forklift pocket to ease mobilization. Fitted with thick rock wool in the doors and silencers, the Puma series is guaranteed to operate silently, measured at only 75 dBA at 7m.




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